Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Adoption News

The title says adoption news, however there isn't much to report. One of the purposes of my blog is to keep everyone informed and updated on our process. This is my first post on the journey....very slow journey but one that I hope will come to fruition soon. Our case worker Christy called Monday to let me know they now have three birth moms that have committed to an adoption plan. One is 4 months along, another is 6 month and the last is not due until September. All three do not know what they are having yet but the one that is 6 months along should be finding out within the next two weeks. If she is having a girl, our profile will be shared. The birth mom who is 4 months along has a two year old son and just can not manage one more. She wants a very closed adoption and right now says she would like it to be out of state. Christy says as the months go on, a lot of times the moms change their minds about out state placements. The last birth mom that is not due until September lives is Pocotello (this is where my dad was raised...could this be sign :) ) and is still taking her time to wrap her mind around what kind of adoption will be right for her. So, we just wait. Steve and I have painted the baby's room a beautiful shade of light pink (Ralph Lauren Cactus Flower), Steve put the crib up (two reasons...our friends Clint and Bonnie are going to use one of the boys cribs for their new baby girl due at the end of the month and Steve needed to separate the parts, and our niece Chloe is coming out for Aiden and Ashton's birthday so she can use it then and not have to sleep in a pack and play). I have picked out the bedding, but I'm not ordering anything until we have a match. Who knows, we might end up with a boy. At this point we are hoping to adopt a girl. We have thought long and hard about this and feel that since Aiden and Ashton are not only biological brothers but also twin brothers, that a girl would be the best fit for our family. That being said, God has a plan for us and we just are not sure what that is yet! I will keep you updated with any news and hope I will have something great to report soon!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Yurt!

Last weekend I went up to McCall for a girls weekend. My friend Charissa came back to town to do the annual Yurt experience. I was not able to go last year because Steve was out of town but was so looking forward to joining in this time around. We stayed at Jenifer's parents home which sits right on the lake ( the most beautiful home I have ever seen in my life!) We met up with more friends and got suited up in our cross country skis and took off deep in the forest about a mile in where a yurt was waiting for us. We had a four coarse dinner and a lot of wine too. What a wonderful weekend. Can't wait for next year!!!

Charis, Jenifer, and I in the yurt enjoying a wonderful dinner and good wine!

The whole gang all suited up before our ski trip into the forest to find the yurt.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fresno Trip

Aiden and Papa at the park.

Gramma and Ash feeding the ducks.

The boys and Papa in the "unit".

Here they come down the street.

Aiden, Ashton, and Remy. Aiden is wearing Gramma's glasses.

Aiden at the zoo sporting his new hat thanks to Gramma and Papa.

Look at that face!

Gramma reading to the boys.

Aiden and Ashton opening their v-day gifts from Auntie Kelley and Uncle John!

First round of cupcakes.....

Oh so proud!!!!

Sleeping boys in the car. This is how the two of them handled Donner Pass

Right before Valentine's Day the boys, Steve and I headed down to Fresno to visit Gramma Judy and Papa Bud. We loaded up the car with two boys, two dogs, four suit cases, two scooters, and a mommy and a daddy. After a short 14 hour drive (ha) we made it safe and sound. Steve had some real estate work to do there and then he headed back to Idaho (on a plane this time) and the boys and I stayed for another week. We had so much fun with friends and family. Gramma and Papa took the boys to the zoo, Gramma Judy and the boys made two batches of cupcakes (due to the fact that our dog Ross polished off the first batch one night while we were sleeping), lots of time outside playing with Remy -the neighbor girl who lives across the street from my parents (her brother Robi was a ring bearer in our wedding),going to the park and feeding the ducks, and the highlight of the trip for both the boys and my dad were the trips the boys and he took in his motor home. Boy did they think that was cool!