Thursday, July 16, 2009


We met with our agency coordinator this morning to go over our progress or lack there of. I'm getting a little anxious about things moving so slow. But, we both know that things happen in perfect timing regardless of what we want or do. After much thought and soul searcher, we have decided to open our parameters to include a biracial baby. I think Steve and I have been so concerned about what life in Idaho would be like for her. Let's face it, not an extreme amount of diversity here in Eagle. As time has gone by however, our eyes have been opened and see things differently. We have a great amount of support here of friends and family who are just waiting to love our new baby and our agency can put us in contact with many families who have similar make up so our daughter will be exposed to people of her own race. We are so excited to get things moving along and meet the new member of our family!!!!! I hope to post some news soon.
Other exciting news....Aiden and Ashton are going to be in my friend Colleen's wedding in August! Colleen and I have know each other since the 1st grade!!! I'm so excited for her and can't wait for the big day August 8th.

Aiden and Ashton on our way to Oregon. The truth is we

had just pulled off the road so they could pee right here! :)