Monday, May 11, 2009

birthday, birthday, and birthday

Singing to each other. Check out those faces!!!!

Hat's by Gramma Judy. :)Aiden's cake...Ash wanted we had cake on their family b-day

and cupcakes at their friend party.

Grandparent shot (and Uncle Chad) :)
Mommy and her four year old Aid!!!!
Auntie Jo, Uncle Chad, Ashton and Aiden
Daddy with is four year old sons!!!!!
We had the bikes waiting outside the front door with bows and balloons on them.
Uncle Chad and cousin cute!!!
The boys with their new helmets on.....wondering where their bikes are???!!!!
The breakfast table all set up for the boys to come down on their birthday.

Wow...I am blogger delinquent! So much has happened. April is our family's big month for birthdays. It seems like every family I know has a month like this. My boys, husband, mom, brother in law, sister in law, and uncle all were born in the month of April. Great month (the birth stone is diamond by the way)! We started the month out with a bang. Aiden and Ashton turned four on the 3rd! I can't believe my sweet little men are four years old!!!! We had a great time celebrating this big milestone. My parents, Steve's parents, Auntie Jo, Uncle Chad and Chloe came out from California. The boys were soaking up and loving all the love and attention. Aid and Ash really wanted their own big boy bike for their birthday. Both sets of grandparents each gave them one and a helmet to match. They were soooo excited. To keep up with his boys, Steve also received his own big boy bike for his birthday from his mom and dad! Here are a few pics. I'll post the boys kids b-day pics later....I promise not to go so long without blogging!